Introduction to HECFC

Simplifying financial systems to help you realize their full benefits

HECFC specializes in financial systems consulting for Higher Education institutions and County Governments. We offer a full range of systems modules consulting.

HECFC offers two separate professional services:

Onsite Consulting Services

Onsite services are billed on time, travel and materials

Remote Consulting Services

Remote services are billed on time and materials only


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Our Implementation Methodology

Our implementation method evolves over 3 key steps

Business Process Modeling

Idea behind this is to understand our client’s Business before our service and to model expectations after our service. This provides a compass/ Target/ Milestone marks for the project.

Configuration of the Application

Using information attained in point 1, we now configure your application to achieve the agreed upon results (future state of the organization)


This is training the client on the configured application on how to:
  • Set up similar values / configuration for any future changes
  • Day to Day processing using the set configuration
  • Making changes to set configurations if need be
  • Streamline business processes to match future state


  • Budget cycle
  • NSF enforcements
  • Budget interrogation
  • Budget transfers


  • Chart of accounts elements (FOAPAL) & maintenance
  • Fixed Assets
  • Security – page access & transaction level


  • Procurement integrations
  • AP integrations
  • AR integrations
  • Bill’s retirement


  • Tableau reporting
  • Available budget reporting
  • Other reports available

Modules to run your business

Odoo Accounting / Banner Finance
Odoo Project Management
Banner Finance Inventory Management
Banner Finance Grants Billing
Banner Finance Fixed Assets

Financial Reporting

Banner Finance Chart of Accounts
Banner Finance Self Service
Odoo Travel & Expense Reporting
Banner Grants Inception to Date Reporting
Banner Finance IPSAS Reporting
Banner Finance Self Service 9 Queries

Other Modules

Banner Finance Accounts Receivable
Banner Finance Requisitions
Banner Finance Budget Development
Banner Finance Endowment Management

ERP Sales Group

  • Business Development
  • Client Success
  • Business Retention

ERP Technical Group

Our technical group is comprised of 2 teams.

  • Development work
  • Non – Development technical services including SaaS, IaaS & Reporting

ERP Functional Group

Our function team supports clients through implementations and is divided into 3 key groups:

  • Business Management
  • CRM and Project Management
  • Human Capital Management


Banner Finance

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